Bistre East Ward is represented by 5 Councillors: Cllr V Blondek, Cllr J S Jones,     Cllr R B Jones, Cllr J F Thornton and Cllr A Woolley.

Bistre West Ward is represented by 5 Councillors:  Cllr R G Hampson, Cllr N Phillips, Cllr E L Preece, Cllr M Teire and Cllr A G Williams.

Mountain Ward is represented by 4 Councillors: Cllr C A Ellis, Cllr D Ellis,                Cllr W A Lewis and Cllr S Peers.

Pentrobin Ward is represented by 5 Councillors: Cllr N Cropper, Cllr E J Hutchinson, Cllr H D Hutchinson, Cllr M J Peers ,Cllr I Peters and Cllr C Preece.

The Buckley Town Council Offices and Council Chamber are located in the centre of the town on Mold Road, just off Buckley Cross.  The Town Council funds the presence of the Citizens Advice Bureau and provides subsidised accommodation for Welsh Border Community Transport as well as financially supporting the organisation. The Council owns and runs the town's public conveniences.

The Council carries out a range of community services and works in partnership with Flintshire County Council in relation to some of the local services which the County Council provides.  This arrangement, which involves a financial input from the Town Council, has covered, in particular, the development of Etna Country Park, the maintenance of the Commons, traffic calming measures, CCTV in the town centre and the Summer Playscheme.  

Council business is dealt with by four committees:-

 Finance and Economic Development
 Highways and Leisure
 General Purposes

The Council and its Committees normally meet on the fourth Tuesday of each month with the exception of May, August and December.