"Blackpool comes to Buckley"  - 18th August 2013

Blackpool comes to Buckley was set up to show what Buckley is capable of. This was a mad idea that caught the imagination of the public - we even had our own Buckley rock!

"Monster Truck" - 11th May 2014

The Monster Truck was set up as it would be something different in Buckley. The Truck itself is the only one in Europe that is capable of carrying passengers. The public were able to ride the Monster Truck and watch it flatten cars.

"Queens Diamond Jubilee" - 4th June 2012

For the Queen's Diamond Jubilee we celebrated by bringing in some classic vehicles and rides.

"USA for a Day" - 17th May 2015

Buckley was turned into the "USA for Day" with American cars, rodeo bull, horse displays, Disney characters, tributes to The Blues Bros and Elvis and many more attractions which made for a very successful day.

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